Silencing the inner bitch and being kind to yourself

Silencing the Inner BitchI caught up with a girlfriend the other day. I wanted to get her opinion on a few things. I told her about my new business idea.  She looked at me doubtfully, rolled her eyes and asked “Really? Do you think that’s going to work? Why would you be successful at something others have failed at?”  I told her that I was worried about my eldest son and his lack of respect. “What do you expect?” she countered “you aren’t exactly mother of the year.”  I told her about my guilt over placing my baby in day care so that I could make a go of something new and exciting.  “So you should feel guilty,” she said “I don’t know why you are even giving up time you could spend with him to chase some unlikely dream“.

So, she’s a bit of a bitch my friend. Except she’s not my friend. She’s me.

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