How to love every single thing in your wardrobe

Whenever people talk about capsule collections, sorting their wardrobes or shopping like a stylist, one simple thing always emerges. If you love every single thing in your wardrobe, you will never be stuck for something to wear.

Sounds easy, but it can be difficult to put into practice. Particularly if you aren’t the kind of person who is passionate about clothes. I am, but I know it’s not for everyone.

Here are nine simple guidelines to ensure that every piece in your wardrobe is fabulous:

Set a high bar

Think about your wardrobe as an exclusive club. Clothes don’t get in unless they make you feel good, they serve a purpose and they play well with other clothes in your closet.

Borrow or rent

Sometimes an event comes up and I feel I have nothing to wear. My wardrobe isn’t inspiring me. Then it’s time to be really honest – is it that I have nothing to wear or I am just feeling like something new? Does “nothing to wear” really indicate a wardrobe gap or just some wardrobe boredom? If it’s the latter, then renting or borrowing is the way to go. This way you avoid having a wardrobe full of event clothing that are never worn that you don’t really adore.

Plan ahead

Shopping for something at the last minute almost ensures failure. Grabbing something just because it’s okay and you need a stop-gap will inevitably leave unloved items in any wardrobe. Think about events a few weeks in advance and plan accordingly. If you can’t find something you absolutely love, consider borrowing or renting. Or amp up a simple dress you already have with some beautiful accessories.

Do not buy unless you love it

This is what it all boils down to. You know if something looks great on you in the change room. There is a certain sparkle, a certain magic that occurs. If there is no magic, put it back.

Don’t fall for the not-so-bargains

Do not fall in love with a price tag. Fall in love with the clothes themselves. If you buy something just for the price – you will never wear it and it’s complete false economy. This is how pieces with tags still attached end up in wardrobes.

Keep things in good repair

Treat your clothes kindly. Hand wash when it’s required. Dry clean when it’s necessary. Sew on buttons as soon as they fall off. Fix seams as they come away. If your clothes are as beautiful as they day you bought them, you’ll stay in love with them.

Allow yourself a splurge

Being careful with what you buy, avoiding poor quality and ill-fitting garments, should mean you save money. Invest in great quality things that make you feel special. Cost per wear is a thing. A $200 dress that is worn once every fortnight is a much better investment than a $20 dress worn twice and discarded. I think it’s so important that we wean ourselves from our fast-fashion addiction. It’s part of why I’m not buying any new clothes this year.

Regularly cull

A well-edited wardrobe is a well-loved wardrobe. Remove the items that don’t make you feel great and focus on how you can mix and match the things you do. Definitely remove things that no longer fit – they are NOT making you feel good. Either box away or give to a smaller sister.

Gift On Gifts

If you are given a garment that just doesn’t suit you, gift on. Don’t hang onto it out of sentimental obligation. Your wardrobe needs to suit you, not what other people think might suit you.
I can honestly say that I love everything in my wardrobe. Even the basic pieces, like t-shirts, I am careful with. And I am very seldom stuck for something to wear.



Are you in love with everything in your wardrobe?
If it’s a goal, how do you think you will get there?

19 thoughts on “How to love every single thing in your wardrobe

  1. beck @ craftypjmum says:

    Great tips, I do a wardrobe sort and cull about every six months. I still sneak things back in that I never wear though just in case. Why I don’t know. I am also in the habit of buying things lately that I don’t love because I am currently struggling with the how I look with the weight I have gained. I just think that nothing looks good on me at the moment so I don’t really bother. I hate that I have become this way
    beck @ craftypjmum recently posted…FEBRUARY HEALTH AND FITNESS ROUND UPMy Profile

    • Robyna says:

      Oh, I am so sorry to read this. We all deserve to look and feel good, no matter what life stage (or size) we are at. Maybe add some accessories you love?

  2. Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid says:

    These are such great tips – my wardrobe definitely needs a makeover. You’re so right about the splurge, investing in an item that you love to wear and wear often makes much more sense than an el cheapo that you don’t really care for. And I’m with you on emergency/last minute shopping – it never ends well!
    Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid recently posted…The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #107My Profile

    • Robyna says:

      Yes, that last minute dash seldom ends well. Although, once, years back I spilled soy sauce all over my skirt when I was out and had to quickly buy a new one (there was no other way – it was like a whole bottle). And that skirt bought in haste ended up being a favourite. But I reckon that was just really lucky.

  3. Sarah @ Tomfo says:

    I actually went shopping for new work clothes and did research and found things i liked before I went, I love all the new mix n match outfits and it makes my mornings so much easier, will be culling a few more things so the only things I have are ones I love. So true, thanks for the tips.

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