New Years Eve with Kids

Like many things, New Years Eve looks a little different with kids.  And like, many things with kids, it takes a bit more organisation and creativity.  Here are our ideas for a fabulous NYE with the littlest people in your life.

NYE with Kids

  1. If you have kids primary school age or a little older, host a kids party for them.  Find a suitable space, like a cleared out garage or rumpus room.  Turn off all the lights. Get a bunch of glow sticks and spread them around (Aldi and Kmart always have cheap packs this time of year).  Just add music and a little bit of food.  Have fun dancing and partying with the favourite little people in your life.
  2. What’s New Years Eve without fireworks? We generally find that the beach or suburban fireworks are better than battling South Bank with littlies.  But if you do want to see the big fireworks, here are some vantage points that might not be quite as crowded as South Bank itself:
    • Mt Coot-tha
    • Highgate Hill, Cnr of Dornoch Terrace and Hampstead Road
    • Holy Trinity Church, Hawthorne St, Wooloongabba
    • Vulture Street,  footpath on the section of road stretching over the South East Freeway and Pacific Motorway
    • Latrobe Terrace, Paddington
    • Portside Wharf
    • Coorparoo, elevated sides of Old Cleveland Road and Chatsworth Road
    • Perth Street park at Camp Hill
    • Your couch in front of the telly
    And here are some other places that host kid-friendly fireworks:
    • Wynnum Manly
    • Mooloolaba Esplanade
    • Surfers Paradise
    • Carina Leagues Club
    • Victoria Point shopping centre
  1. Have a dinner with other families with babies.  Bring the babies fed, bathed and ready for bed, to someone’s home.  Each family brings a plate and a port-a-cot.  If you are lucky, they will all go down to sleep whilst you have a lovely grown up evening with friends. It has been done. We promise.
  2. Similar to the above, but for older kids. The dads all get together for a BBQ and looking after the kids.  The mums go out for dinner somewhere local and then everyone comes back together again for the New Year celebrations. Of course you could do this vice versa, but we vote for mums night out.
  3. There is no reason you have to celebrate NY on the stroke of midnight.  Maybe a New Years lunch or a morning tea is a better fit for you and your family.

Tips for Surviving New Years with kids

  1. Be flexible – it’s just one night of the year and everyone is excited.  The kids may not go to bed when you want them to.  But did you on New Years?  Some of our favourite childhood memories are of being allowed to stay up late on special occasions.
  2. New Years is one of those evenings that comes with pressure – it might be a great night, it might not.  Just let it go.  No need to be all FOMO over it.
  3. If you want to stay in, just stay in.  There is no shame in staying home on New Years.
  4. If you have a dog, make sure that you follow these safety tips from the RSPCA regarding dogs and fireworks – Caring for Pets During Firework Displays
  5. If you do go to a fireworks display and you have young kids with you, BYO glow sticks and zany torches. Because that guy will be there. The guy that sells things that sparkle and glow for $15 when you can get them at Kmart for $5. We have warned you.

Foot-loose and kid-free this NYE?  Luck you! Rachel from Our Town Brisbane has some brilliant ideas for you: Brisbane’s Best New Years’ Parties

 What are you doing this NYE?  Got any great tips for fireworks look outs?

13 thoughts on “New Years Eve with Kids

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  2. Pingback: Celebrate! Your guide to the BEST Brisbane New Years Eve Parties - Our Town Brisbane

    • Robyna says:

      Thanks Jennifer – I do try to involve the kids in such a fun night each year – getting more exciting as the eldest is getting more able to understand/stay up! Thanks for the visit. Love your site.

  3. Holly says:

    So true how much it changes. We tend to stay home and hang with my parents since our daughter came along 2 Decembers ago. Hubby works nights too so barely in the door before midnight. Some great ideas there.

    • Robyna says:

      My first was born on Christmas Eve, and I remember breastfeeding him, rocking on the chair, hearing all the celebrations around us on our street and thinking “this is when it all changes.” Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hayley @ House of many Minions says:

    Since our first child arrived ten years ago, & pretty much always having either a toddler, baby or sporting an expanded uterus, our NYE have changed dramatically. I love your tips & agree wholeheartedly with every one of them. We have a nice group of friends who also have two or three young children so we’ve fallen into a tradition of dinner either at an outdoor restaurant (if we can get a booking to fit us all plus the kids!) or we all bring two plates to share – one for the adults & one for the kids, & go to someone’s house.

    • Sarah says:

      I think NYE is much easier when you are surrounded by friends and family in the same phase as you. What a lovely tradition to have. No doubt your small ones look forward to the evening as much as the big ones. x

  5. Deb Baker says:

    When our kids were young we always offloaded them to the grandparents and partied the New Year night away. Now our kids are a little older we’ve spent the last few New Year’s doing things with them. It is so much fun. We’ve had parties here at our place with our adult friends and their kids. It is the best. The kids run around like crazy and we get to kick back. We go to local fireworks displays here on the Sunshine Coast. We’ve had fun nights with just us watching family movies and watching the fireworks on telly. I love including the kids in our lives. Many, many years ago when I lived in Brisbane (pre-kids) I lived in Torbreck at Highgate Hill and can definitely recommend the top floor as THE best vantage point for watching the fireworks.

    • Robyna says:

      We have been at the Mooloolaba fireworks for the past couple of years and it’s always such a fun family event. Thanks for the tip re fireworks!

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