New Years’ Resolutions – by the family dog

My New Year ResolutionsAs we head into a new year, I am all abuzz with new ideas, intentions and plans. When I was busy writing and planning, our family dog, Hugo, came in for a nosy.  It made me wonder what the dogs’ resolutions would be, if he could tell me. Perhaps it would go something like this …

So apparently it’s New Year. I know this because the humans are busy with resolutions and setting off pointlessly terrifying fireworks. Technically, I have seven New Years each calendar year, but I thought I’d give this resolutions caper a go.

Resolution One: This is the year I will catch that gecko. The one that comes out each night with his beady eyes and his mocking cackle. Your number is up buddy. Ditto for the possum.


Resolution Two: I will go on more walks. This does depend somewhat on the humans of course but they are talking exercise and I am a ready and willing personal trainer. Mental note: ensure that I give them my lead as often as possible – I want to support their dreams.


Resolution Three: I will fulfil the last part of my plan to take over the bed. I started outside. I made my way to the bottom of the bed. I made my way onto the bed. Next stop, pillows. Mumma, let’s face it – you don’t really sleep anyway – may as well move out.


Resolution Four: I will sleep more.  I really probably get enough sleep. But I can. So I will.


Resolution Five: For my parents’ sake, I will try really, really hard to pee outside EVEN when it’s raining.


In a nutshell, my resolutions are to exercise more, to sleep more, to chase my dreams (no matter how unrealistic they may seem to everyone else) and make more of an effort to keep the house tidy.  Sound familiar?

This is not Hugo’s first blog post, he also wrote about a dog’s perspective when welcoming a baby to the family over at Sanses – you can check that out here.

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